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Pataugeoires - Wading pools

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

It’s summer and over 25 degrees. What can we do with the kids?

‘Lets go to the pool!’ My three year old son automatically exclaims when he sees sunshine.

Many wading pools are available in Geneva for children under the age of 10.

Located in the parks, they are open from May to September.

They are free of charge.

This city boasts 11 of them:

  • Pataugeoire du parc Trembley

  • Pataugeoire de Montbrillant-Voie Creuse

  • Pataugeoire du parc Mon Repos

  • Pataugeoire du parc Beaulieu

  • Pataugeoire du parc des Franchises

  • Pataugeoire du parc de Bourgogne

  • Pataugeoire du parc la couverture des voies CFF

  • Pataugeoire du parc Bertrand

  • Pataugeoire du Bois-de-la-Bâtie

  • Pataugeoire du parc La Grange

  • Pataugeoire du parc Cayla/Promeneur Solitaire

The simple regulation of the use of these pools is that swimming is only under the supervision and full responsibility of the people who are accompanying the child.

Most of these have play areas nearby with toys such as swings, slides, sand boxes and seesaws. Cafes and toilets tend to also be available within proximity.

My top three favourites are Bois-de-la-Bâtie, Franchises and Bertrand. This is because they include all of this plus more activities such as volleyball courts, ping pong tables and interacting with farm wildlife. Additionally, grills are accessible for the public to use and enjoy a barbeque.

Due to often playing in these pools, my babies have developed confidence. My son, who was afraid of pools, started to imitate older children that were swimming. This resulted in him being able to now float and do a few breaststrokes.

Overall, I find these pools great! It’s a good opportunity for children and parents to meet new people and socialize with each other as well.

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