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UK University Financial Support

Many people’s fear about pursuing higher education is financial.

However, there are loans and grants to help with your bachelor's degree study and living costs if you are a British resident!

You can apply for a Maintenance Loan for your living costs. This is a repayable loan that will be paid into your bank account in installments which will be at the beginning of each term. How much you will get depends on how much your household earns, whether you live at your parent’s home or away and where you’re studying.

The Maintenance Grant is a non-repayable grant to help you cover living expenses. The amount you receive will depend on your annual income. If you get the grant, it will reduce the size of your Maintenance Loan.

Then there is the Tuition Fee Loan. This is a repayable loan that gets paid directly to your course provider.

If you are a student with children, like I was, a Childcare Grant and Parents’ Learning Allowance are available to help with costs. The amount you will receive depends on your overall household income. Have a look at these websites for more information:

You will only have to repay these loans after you start earning over £21 000 yearly before tax. They are also repayable on a monthly basis. These loans do not involve debt collectors. This means that if you lose your job or fall below the threshold, your repayments stop! Plus any outstanding loan is written off 30 years after graduation. So there is no need to panic.

Here’s an idea of what your repayments can look like:

Your income per year Monthly repayments

£21 000 and under No repayments

£25 000 £30

£30 000 £67

£40 000 £142

£50 000 £217

£60 000 £292

If you earn £25 000, your monthly repayment is as little as £30. This is the equivalent of what you would pay on average for your contract phone! You can have a degree for the price of a phone!

Since, I was only working a part time job as a Brand Ambassador for a company called Doddle, these loans were very helpful. I received all of them which helped me cover a big part of child care as well as transportation costs to my campus and rent.

Remember to apply as early as possible, to make sure that you get your finance in time.

To have an idea of what you may be entitled to, also have a look at the Student Finance calculator:

Other useful websites include:

Scotland -

Northern Ireland -

Wales -

England -

If you were doubting about going to university because of financial reasons. I hope that this post has alleviated some of your worries and showed you that this should not be one of them.

University is an investment. The experience is educational in more ways than one and therefore worth pursuing.

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