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'Peppiland' Inflatable fun!

How dreamy is it to experience this on a hot and sunny day:

‘An inflatable amusement park with over 10 giant bouncy castles and slides, with water games!’

That’s exactly what me and my children enjoyed while attending the event called ‘Peppiland’, during the summer of 2018. This is a yearly outdoor blow up fun fair which travels to different areas in Switzerland between March and October.

It’s a paradise for kids. The dormant child within our adult selves is also awakened at this heavenly sight of pure fun.

Aimed to entertain those aged 1 to 12, it is filled with climbable objects and characters. We particularly loved jumping around inside a huge hamburger, a tiger’s den and through a pirate themed tunnel. There was even a paddling pool for us to cool down in.

I purchased lunch, snacks and drinks for us throughout the day at the cafe that is temporarily set up with the event inside the park. You can also buy the entry tickets from there. It is free of charge for adults and infants who are less than 2 years old while it costs 10CHF per child that is over that age. We received a wristband that allowed us to access everything in it all through the day.

Visually, it was great with a burst of different bright colours which gave the place a lovely summer vibe. My one year old daughter rejoiced at squishing inflatable flowers and bouncing on them whilst my three year old son amused himself by tackling a multi-coloured snake.

Overall, I feel like this event was worth the journey from where I live in Geneva to its base which was in Morges. We had a brilliant time and I would definitely attend it again!

The hours change depending on where the event is occuring.

To keep up with their schedule and placements, check out the Peppiland website

and Facebook page.

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