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Natural History Museum of Geneva - Muséum

‘Mummy, look a turtle… It has two heads!’ Janus is the Natural History Museum’s living two-headed turtle in Geneva.

This multistorey museum feels like an indoor zoo as there is a collection of over 200 stuffed and preserved animals on display. They vary from hammerhead sharks to reptiles, polar bears and the extinct Dodo bird. The glass which cages the animals is kept so clean that I headbutted it in excitement when I attempted to show my kids a rhinoceros.

What I like the most about this museum is that there are often events taking place inside it with interactive activities for children. One of these being the ‘Ants’ exhibition which presents a huge gathering of this insect and offers us the opportunity to inspect their social behaviour.

Plus, I appreciated their beautiful assembly of minerals and stones from across the world that they exhibit. Particularly, their large amethyst crystal which is found and mined in Brazil. This was personally significant because I’m a Brazilian descendant and I spent most of my childhood living there. It was a very happy time in my life, so seeing this stone reminded me of some lovely memories.

‘Who is that?’ My son asked, pointing towards the bronze statue of Lucy who is the famous Australopithecus as well as the oldest known human fossil. She is located on a floor that is entirely devoted to the evolution of humankind and astronomy. We experienced a fun and educational moment here.

Overall, it’s a great place to discover, enjoy and learn about natural history.

The big bonus of this entertainment is that it is free of charge!

Opening hours :

Everyday except Monday



Route de Malagnou 1,

1208 Genève

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