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Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo

Buying and wearing hair extensions was an expensive habit to disguise my insecurity of my hair being short due to damage done to it. One that I wanted to give up after having my son to save more money.

I had severely harmed it by dying it every shade on the scale from platinum blonde to jet black in a short space of time and often. It became limp and its growth was extremely slow. So, I began searching for a product or method that would treat this issue.

Introduced to me by the father of my children, who has hair loss worries of his own, the Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo has a fantastic effect on my hair!

It was designed to slow down hereditary hair loss and counter the effects of Androgenetic Alopecia. The special active ingredient in this shampoo is caffeine as it activates the hair roots, prolongs the growth phase and improves hair growth.

If applied regularly, the skin barrier on the scalp remains functional and the keratinocytes cell regeneration is strengthened. Therefore, hair will grow stronger and faster than it normally would without it.

By leaving it on your head for a minimum of 120 seconds, the caffeine is transported into the hair follicles where it stimulates growth and counteracts the undesirable effects of testosterone.

Leaving it on my scalp for two to three minutes each day, from application to rinsing out, I use it two to three times per week. This is how often I normally tend to wash my hair. I feel a cold, tingling sensation spread across my scalp each time I apply and rub it through.

Within one month of using it, I could already see some positive results. It felt like my hair volume increased. There was also new hair growth around my hairline which I had not seen happen since I started dying my hair as often as I did. But after three months of its use, it significantly reduced my hair loss and improved its overall condition.

Being a silicone-free shampoo with no other softeners in it, it improves the structure of your hair and enhances its grip. I could feel this effect after only a few washes.

I have been using it often throughout the last three years and I am so happy with the overall health and length of my hair! I definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for a shampoo that will treat their damaged hair and are in need of it to reduce their hair loss.

Case studies on this shampoo can be found here:

It is available at selected pharmacies and supermarkets.

I have also bought mine online from:

Which shampoo have you used that you have found successful in stimulating your hair growth?

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