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5 out of 5 reasons to attend university - Graduation!

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

‘Wow, that went by quickly.’

‘I love this cap and gown! Can I keep it?’

‘It’s finally over!’

These thoughts and feelings flowed through me on my graduation day.

Motivational speeches were carried out by keynote speakers before we were called onto the platform.

‘Please don’t fall off!’ I thought and prayed to myself as I walked across the stage to shake the Vice-Chancellor’s hand. I actually heard my baby’s whine just before the roar of applause that took over the Royal Festival Hall. All of this really made me smile and feel butterflies in my stomach!

‘I’m proud of you.’ This was a phrase that made me feel so happy to hear from my family and friends. I was proud of myself as well! This academic experience was a psychological challenge, with so many moments of self-doubt. It felt amazing to have been able to tackle it.

'Graduation is not the end; it's the beginning. And so… the adventure begins.'

- Byron Pulsifer

I was really excited to see what doors my academic achievements had opened for me and to start the following chapter in my life.

Celebrating an intellectual achievement with the father of my children, our baby, my mum and brother felt so heartwarming. Sharing this experience with them is a memory that I will always cherish.

Overall, a great reason to pursue and complete a university degree is to be able to feel a lovely sense of accomplishment once it is done.

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