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3 out of 5 reasons to attend university - ‘Increases employment opportunities’

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

‘When student learning outcomes align with skills that employers seek from new hire candidates, graduates can achieve employability.’ Says Troy Markowitz in an article that was published by Forbes in 2017.

He further states that the eight skills that define a college graduate's career readiness according to employers and research are as follows:

  1. Critical thinking/ problem solving

  2. Oral/ written communication

  3. Teamwork/ collaboration

  4. Digital technology

  5. Leadership

  6. Professionalism/ Work ethic

  7. Career Management

  8. Global/ Intercultural fluency

These are the skills that employers seek and are taught throughout the student’s educational journey (Markowitz, 2017).

Very often recruiters will scout university students because they tend to have these skills as well as new ideas and fresh enthusiasm.

‘Hi Isadora, I saw your profile and thought you may be interested in the Brand Ambassador roles I am recruiting for Doddle…We are looking for two brand ambassadors from City University. We would offer full training and pay £10 p/h plus incentives for 50 hours during the first term worked flexibly around your other commitments. Let me know if it is of interest.’

This employer found and recruited me through my profile on Linkedin, which can be found here:

Accepting their offer, I worked throughout my last year at university. This was with the student marketing agency called BAM UK. One of their clients was Doddle, a parcel delivery company, who we created a publicity campaign for.

This job was perfect for me as a student mum due to its flexible schedule. It allowed me enough time to complete my coursework. Plus, I still had availability to take my son to his nursery and pick him up from it as well as to the doctors if it was needed.

The wage also complemented the student loans that I received which closed the budget gap of my living expenses.

Being a student is what ultimately gave me this employment opportunity.

Here are some job sites for students that are looking for flexible work during their studies in the United Kingdom:

Overall, several jobs are available specifically for students and graduates. University also equips us with skills, qualities and knowledge which employers seek.


Markowitz, T. (2017). Employment: The Much Needed Ultimate Student Learning Outcome. [Blog] Forbes. Available at:

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